There are many things you can do to ensure your party is a hit. Please take a minute to read our list of suggestions. After all...we know a thing or two about pulling off a perfect party!

1. Have guests arrive at least 15 minutes before we arrive. This way, everyone will already be there by the time the princess shows up and the fun can start right away!

2. The younger the age, the fewer the guests. If your princess is turning 4 or 5, a party exceeding 8 guests has the potential to get out of control. Younger children need more attention so limit your guest list if the party-goers are younger.

3. Space, Space, SPACE! We cannot stress enough how much space we need. Our parties are full of singing, dancing, games, activities and more. So push back those couches and take the coffee tables in the other room. A crowded party is never fun!

4. Have the guests leave at least 15 minutes after we leave. Quite often, we have another party to get to and we need to make sure we make a swift exit. When parents arrive to pick up their children as we are trying to leave, the potential for a traffic jam is there.

5. Front row parking. We appreciate it when we are given a front row spot to your house. We have a car full of fun that we need to carry in for the party. Remember...the party doesn't begin until all the fun is in!

6. Once in a while, in all of the excitement, we need a parental figure to step in and help with a child. If you see that one of the guests is interfering with a game or preventing the party from running smoothly, we ask that the hostess or any other adult figure take care of the matter.

7. Make sure your house temperature is lower than usual. When you factor in the guests that will be coming to the party, the bystanders and all of us, your house is bound to get several degrees warmer than usual. And although the people watching the party may not notice the ever-increasing temperature in the room, the princesses do notice. So please make sure your house is nice and cool. (65-70 degrees is perfect)

8. No balloons on the floor please.

9. Household pets are not allowed near the princess costumes.

10. Absolutely no smoking while the princess is present. Doing so would result in an immediate end to the party with no refund.

11. Our parties are INDOORS ONLY. The garage does not count as being inside.

12. Often while we are entertaining a group of children, the adults are having a party of their own and we are forced to talk - sometimes almost yell - over the crowd. We love an audience, so if you plan on having the adults watch, please remind them to keep chatter to a minimum during the show. Thank you!

If you follow these simple steps, your party is sure to be a great success!


Little Princess Parties
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