Question: Do you travel? If so, how far?
Answer: If you live within 20 miles of 3421 Patricia Dr in Urbandale, you are not charged a travel fee. A $35.00 travel fee will be applied to parties that go beyond the 20 mile radius. If you live within 40 miles from our starting point in Urbandale, the $35.00 is all you will pay in travel fees. If you are more than 40 miles away, you will pay the $35.00 travel charge plus $2.00 for each additional mile that we must travel. You will only need to pay the travel fee for ONE WAY. Please note- not all of the characters are willing to travel - especially during the winter months. This varies as our cast changes, as we do allow each individual actress to decide if she is willing to accept bookings outside of the Des Moines area.

Question: Can we have two or three characters at a party instead of just one?
Answer: YES! One character comes with every package. You can add additional characters onto your package For example, if you book The Royal Visit Package with Cinderella but you also want Snow White to attend, you would just add an extra character to your package for a total of $240.00.

Question: Where do we go for the party?
Answer: We are full service. You just name the place and time and we bring the party to you! Most of the time we are in the home but we have also done parties at libraries, community centers, hotel party rooms, restaurants, Blank Park Zoo, etc! We need at least 100 square feet for our parties.

Question: Do you provide the costumes that the guests wear?
Answer: No. The guests bring their own costumes. If some do not have princess dresses, any outfit will do just fine.

Question: Can we have the party outside?
Answer: We need to keep our costumes and wigs inside due to weather elements. That being said, we have a few excptions to this rule. We do allow the MINI visit to be booked outdoors IF the weather is acceptable. In the summer, we also offer MERMAID pool parties which are outdoors.

Question: Some packages are just for 8 participants - does this include the birthday girl?
Answer: Yes. The birthday girl plus seven friends is what each party includes. You may add additional guests for $15.00 each. If you are going to have a larger group, consider the MINI visit or the ROYAL VISIT where guest numbers are unlimited.

Question: For the Lavish / Luxury packages, do I need to include babies and toddlers in my count?
Answer: No. Children under 2 are too young for our activities. A 3 year old can be counted in but that child will likely need some adult assistance during the party.

Question: What ages are "Little Princess Parties" appropriate for?
Answer:: We have found ages 3-7 seem to be "prime princess" years.

Question: If there are not 8 girls at the party, do I still pay full price ?
Answer: Yes. The price is set for "up to 8 people" (including the birthday girl) No discount is given to parties with less than 8.

Question: How much set up time do you require?
Answer: NONE! The party begins when the princess arrives and "unfolds" throughout the party. The royal maid that attends each of the game parties serves at hostess and will keep the party moving smoothly from beginning to end. All of our packages work best when the children and birthday girl are ready to party as soon as we arrive. For example, If you put a total party time on your invites from 3:00 - 5:30, We would ideally like to come around 3:30 or 4:00.

Question: Are parents allowed to tip the princess?
Answer: Tipping is allowed away from the children. If you feel her performance was tip-worthy, by all means let her know.

Question: What do the little girls wear?
Answer: Although there is no offical dress code, the children get into the party more if they too are in costume. Any dress would be fine for this.

Question: Can boys come?
Answer: Sure! As long as they are interested in what we are doing, there is absolutely no problem with male guests. We have also hosted several PRINCE parties over the years and that is an option as well! Boy will have a "KING" crown option if desired.

Question: Can the parents of the other children stay and watch?
Answer: YES!!! We just have one rule with the game packages: We do need to keep audience chatter to a minimum. They are set up very much like a play where each line has a purpose.

Question: Can adults take pictures/video during the party?
Answer: Yes!!! Take as many as you can!! (Feel free to post them on socials and tag us!).

Question: What do I need to provide?
Answer: It is your responsibility to send out inviations to the guests. It is also your responsibility to decorate. (optional) We will need one large open room where we can be with the guests and play games. Please remember to make the space as open as possible. The princess will also need a chair /couch to sit on during story time.


Little Princess Parties
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